The Dynizer - A new kind of self-learning data management platform

Flexible data modelling, simple queries, fast deployment…


Collect data from anywhere – either unstructured or structured


Connect your data, no matter from where, or in what format


Explore the data, so that you can better explain those connections


The Dynizer learns, providing insights that help your business evolve

The Dynizer is a patented data management platform which uniquely enables any organisation to combine the data from all of its different systems to make it universally useful.

It doesn’t matter whether the initial source is:

  • structured rows and columns
  • semi-structured metadata and free text
  • free text alone

the Dynizer is able to treat all data the same and to combine it for continuing insight…

How can I use the Dynizer?

Document Analysis

Criminal Investigations


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For Users

Get answers faster through responsive querying across diverse connected datasets

Comprehensive user training from Dynactionize experts…

Users can quickly build their own data management applications


For Business

Add progressive insight by integrating unstructured data with structured data

Take a regenerating 360-degree view of all your data

Pricing on a pay-per-use model based on data volume and storage


For IT

Optimise I.T. choices without disturbing business processes or compromising security

Create a single unified source for all of your data applications

UI generation and application building through an integrated API


For Partners

Dynactionize certified education and training for technology and solutions partners

Fast prototyping of applications for speedy deployments

Build applications that won’t break even if the data model changes


The Dynactionize Team by Numbers

Dynactionize people working in our offices around the world, they include: A brace of Austrians; a fair few Belgians; the odd Brit; one Dutchman; a host of Indians; oh, and one Swede!

Although the main language of the company is English, we can also chat away merrily in: Dutch; Flemish; French; German; Italian, Malayalam; Spanish; oh, and Swedish!

Things Dynactionize people do for fun: Sailing; horse-riding; DJ-ing in clubs; repatriating stray dogs; cooking; creative writing; motorcycling; oh, and visiting Swedish furniture stores!

Crazy thing you might do with Dynactionize that you wouldn’t do with anyone else: Be served one of  the world’s finest Indian-style curries in a Belgian office by a chef from, oh, Sweden!