It’s the big data problem to end all big data problems… And for the company looking after one particular client’s cloud-based planning needs, it’s a tricky – if most wonderful – time of year…

The world’s most prolific one-man, eight-reindeer parcel delivery operation has to ensure that an estimated more than 526 million kids* around the world receive their presents on Christmas Eve.

Luckily, the client, The Claus Corporation, seem to have it all in hand. Whoever’s handling their data operation appears to be doing a great job. After all, you don’t hear that many complaints that the beardy guy in the red suit has made too many mistakes in the delivery department.

But just say something did go wrong… What if an elf, carelessly taking an elf-type selfie in the North Pole’s Big Data Centre, tripped over a stray mince pie, stumbled, fell backwards and accidentally spilled his gluhwein into Santa’s Mega Christmas Super Computer, which meant the data-input elves wouldn’t be able to load all the information about who’s been naughty and nice? Let alone check it twice…

That’s one big data headache. And it would come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the data would be structured, like a list (obviously) but some of it would just come in the form of letters to Santa – or more likely emails these day, so it could be unstructured or even semi-structured.

You wouldn’t even know what some of it was referring to at first sight. Then you wouldn’t know what to look for or be able to spot the links between bits of information in all of the confusion. Whatever, it would all add up to a real cause for Claus to pause for thought, you’d think.

Luckily, all wouldn’t be lost, because we think we would have a solution that would mean Santa and his helpers could deliver Christmas on time.

Our present to Santa would be the Dynizer, our unique one-step data management platform that combines simple but comprehensive data integration with tech-free ease of modelling — and gives you the analytics for free…

The Dynizer has three key differentiators that add up to one unique platform: The ability to process intially unknown data and give it an appropriate structure to make it useful, even if, though not especially because, an elf has spilled gluhwein on it; The ability to query for information, even if you don’t know where it is stored; The ability to find the links between data elements without having to predefine them.

That leads to three big advantages from one technology:

  • Ease of data integration. No need to map fields — each data element is either a Who, a What, a Where, or a When. That makes data integration more flexible and much faster and means a much quicker route to Christmas present delivery planning and reindeer logistics.
  • Flexible data modelling. The elves who create the data or work with it can also create the data model. Furthermore, the model is never set in stone. If you need to add to it, you can, without reprogramming the Santa Mega Christmas Super Computer all the time.
  • Flexible analysis. The simple querying available in the platform makes it easy to perform whatever analysis you want: Who’s been naughty; Who’s been nice; Who’s been doing What with Whom and When. It’s easy to drill down into the data. Query within an Action; Query for people or things involved in different Actions; Query for correlated data elements that may be indirectly connected by other data elements in other Actions.

The moral of our story is this: Even if your elfish selfie turns into a data debacle that causes Santa Claus to pause for thought, the Dynizer difference can get your dodgy deliveries back on track. Why not order one so you’re ready for next Christmas?

Who did the maths?

By Jo Fallows

Jo Fallows is Business Development Manager for Dynactionize Ltd