This week I was excited to mix my two most recent worlds of work at probably the biggest education technology exhibition in the UK – BETT – at the Excel in London.

First off, you just have to be impressed at the size of the event. It’s huge.

Second, it seems to be really well organised and I was able to use that to my advantage in creating a couple of meetings during my visit which has given me something to follow up on, too.

The Excel was humming to the buzz of innovation – and that, to my surprise, made me feel right at home.

My last job before I joined Dynactionize was ‘front of house’ at an independent prep school and one of the last tasks I had there was helping to migrate information from one schools management portal to another.

At the time, when you’re busy getting on with the day-to-day job of working in school management, you don’t necessarily consider the wider importance of technology in education and all that it means.

For my part, for instance, the tricky bit in changing systems was finding out how to get that piece of information from System A into this new place on System B.

I hadn’t considered it in terms of mapping information between databases and how complex a task that could potentially turn out to be.

Fair to say, I learned pretty quickly that it’s not as easy as you’d think.

Moving on a few months and now I’m getting to work with clever people who can make that stuff happen. People who have made it their task to create a radical data management platform that makes it possible for all sorts of organisations to take in, store, transform and analyse data more quickly and efficiently.

It has soon become clear that what we do could be so beneficial to the people working so hard in the business I used to be in.

Schools management is all about data – whether that’s in administering the admissions process on the non-academic side to planning lesson timetables on the educational side. Maybe even booking the buses for school trips and games away-days, which may not seem that complex, but can be fraught with problems on a wet Wednesday in March, believe me!

I’m not sure our platform, the Dynizer, can prevent the hockey team from facing a half-time deluge, but for everything else, it’s pretty much ideal.

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by Jo Fallows

Jo Fallows is Business Development Manager for Dynactionize Ltd