Dynactionize was created in 2014 by CEO Michaël Brands, a linguist with a background in high-end data management technology. 

Michaël Brands is CEO and co-founder of Dynactionize, and the inventor of our patented Dynizer data management platform which, uniquely, is able to blend structured and unstructured data in the same environment.

Michael has re-defined the way massive quantities of disparate data, created and stored in diverse formats and according to different models, can be used in harmony by focusing on what links data, rather than what makes it different.

This makes the Dynizer, particularly useful for any organisation that desires to use structured and unstructured data in one place and to benefit from the discovery previously unseen links within the data.

A masters graduate in literature and linguistics from Belgium’s largest and highest-ranked university, the Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, Michaël, himself a multi-linguist, first went into industry as a language specialist at Lernout and Hauspie, working on text-to-speech solutions.

He earned a postgraduate degree in Computer Linguistics at the FLV Flanders Language Campus. For a while, he was a lecturer in applied linguistics at the Vlekho Business School in Brussels.

Michaël’s first company, i.Know, focused on using Michael’s patented linguistic analytics to help alleviate the problem of information overload. That company was bought by American database management platform vendors, InterSystems, in 2010 and incorporated the technology into their own platform.

Having served for a while as senior product manager for i.Know within InterSystems, Michaël set out in 2014 on his own data journey 2.0 to create Dynactionize, bringing together trusted colleagues to help bring his Dynizer vision to fruition.

Our mission is to provide a complete data management platform to help organisations continually control and optimize their core activities and interactions.

Our vision is for Dynactionize to provide the platform that best serves data flexibly and intelligently – at the appropriate time and in the most appropriate form.

Overall he is the holder of multiple patents relating to the i.Know and Dynactionize technologies.

When not engaged fully in all aspects of running a rapidly expanding multi-national organisation, Michael will try to find time to pursue his hobbies of sailing and woodworking.

Today Dynactionize is active in seven countries and employs around 30 people.

The fundamental Dynactionize vision, to sweep away the need to create different truths for the storage of different data types, came from identifying the four fundamental elements of any data, things we can all recognise: Who, What, Where, and When.

Traditionally there are relational databases for structured data; for semi-structured and document data there are document databases; for unstructured data there are text indices; and for highly volatile data there are graph databases.

Connecting them has always been difficult and putting them in one platform with a number of underlying technologies near-impossible.

It was for that reason we wanted to create a platform that simply says ‘data is data’. Collect it, connect it, explore it, explain it, learn from it and evolve…