Dynactionize was created in 2014 by smart linguists with a background in high-end data management technology. 

They had seen enough of traditional data management strategies to get a clear idea of the problems that approach creates, for instance: Over-complication, lack of scalability and an in-built barrier to taking in, transforming and making use of more than one type of data at a time in any useful, efficient fashion.

Dynactionize was born as a response to those problems.

The company opened its first office in Antwerp and today Dynactionize is active in seven countries and employs more than 30 people.

Our mission is to provide a complete data management platform to help organisations continually control and optimize their core activities and interactions.

Our vision is for Dynactionize to provide the platform that best serves data flexibly and intelligently – at the appropriate time and in the most appropriate form.

Our core technology, the Dynizer, is a patented platform for the integration, storage and exploitation of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.

The fundamental Dynactionize vision was to sweep away the need to create different truths for the storage of different data types.It came from identifying the four fundamental elements of any data, things we can all recognise: Who, What, Where, and When.

Traditionally there are relational databases for structured data; for semi-structured and document data there are document databases; for unstructured data there are text indices; and for highly volatile data there are graph databases.

Connecting them has always been difficult and putting them in one platform with a number of underlying technologies near-impossible.

It was for that reason we wanted to create a platform that simply says ‘data is data’. Collect it, connect it, explore it, explain it, learn from it and evolve…

Michael Brands

CEO and founder of Dynactionize

Antwerpen, Belgium

Started Dynactionize in 2014, having sold his first technology company, iKnow, in 2010.

Maarten Heremans

Vice President of Core Development

Antwerpen, Belgium

Co-founder of Dynactionize in 2014, having worked with Michael at iKnow.

Florian Lechner

Vice President of Infrastructure

Innsbruck, Austria

Joined Dynactionize in 2014, having worked with Michael and Maarten as a technology partner.

Jelte Verhoeff

Head of Implementation Services

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Joined Dynactionize in 2016. Former police inspector and technology partner of Michael and Maarten.

Dynactionize email style: [first name][dot][last name]@dynactionize.com

Diederik Herbert

Dynactionize group Company Secretary

Antwerpen, Belgium

Joined Dynactionize early in 2014, after having worked as a marketing executive in newspapers.

Roy Williams

Managing Director, Dynactionize Ltd

Shrewsbury, UK

Joined in November 2014 having worked with Michael and Maarten on a publishing project.

Joby Chacko

Managing Director, Dynactionize India

Kerala, India

Joined Dynactionize in 2014, having been introduced to Michael by a mutual contact.