Solve complex data problems…

Businesses are often forced into using rigid and inflexible data technologies. That disconnect between Business and IT limits the success of many big data projects, and can even cause them to fail.

The Dynizer incorporates hardware management in the data centre, data storage and distribution, a virtualisation layer leading to ease of data integration, flexible and adaptive data modelling, built-in analytics and simple querying.

Find ‘lost’ or ‘redundant’ data…

The Dynizer can create an opportunity to use data that may be considered to be ‘lost’ or ‘redundant’.  Data is linked based on the overlap between data elements, not by a pre-defined rule. Two Actions are linked automatically and dynamically if they have at least one element in common. They are said to be correlated if they have much in common, but redundant if they are exactly the same.

If you need to combine data from different sources, you don’t have to create a whole new structure for your data model. Simply attach the new data to the appropriate data type and create new combinations without creating inconsistencies in the data or breaking anything.

Purpose-neutral abstracted data is usable without duplication outside its initial context, remaining consistent over conflicting database schemas.

The makes the Dynizer useful for any organisation that needs to take in and process data from different sources, whether the data is structured as in spreadsheets, semi-structured as in emails, or unstructured as in free text.

Applications that keep working…

The versatility of the platform allows you to build applications right on top of the database… Applications that won’t break, even if the underlying data model changes.

The Dynizer offers flexible context-based data modelling. There’s no need to predefine data links and no SQL required. The data model and queries remain valid even as new data is integrated.

Where the structure and nature of data changes over time, certain traditional databases and data warehouses become obsolete. The Dynizer solves this issue because the model remains flexible. New data adds to the strength of the analytics as new data automatically connects to existing elements, often leading to unexpected enhancements in the data set.

No programming or SQL-statements are needed to create Actions or Topologies and data elements can be used multiple times without creating inconsistencies, because they will always be deduplicated at storage time.

Training and education…

Our developers can take you right to the heart of the platform and show you how applications can be generated using the same data structure that defines the database itself. In the discovery and implementation phase of any project, our experts will work closely with your technicians to ensure that the data management needs of the client are fully met.

And we can help you build confidence through training, documentation and second line support. All of which means that you can be collaborating on application implementation in hours, not weeks or months.

We have created a number of applications based on real-world scenarios. They include ConnecTrace, which is able to detect links between structured and unstructured data in the field of security monitoring and analysis.

We also have our own UI generation tool if you want to build applications yourself. You get an advanced database. cloud infrastructure and easy application development.

Smart updates, no hold-ups…

The Dynizer’s virtualised infrastructure can be deployed on public or private clouds and scaled through distributed OpenStack deployment.

Applications can be prototyped quickly without damaging the data or the model and we can automatically update data models without putting a brake on your implementations.

Ease of deployment…

Reduce obstacles in the integration, storage and retrieval of data within Big Data projects, leading to faster and less costly deployment of solutions.

A grow-with-the-flow pay per use model, fully managed by Dynactionize, means no heavy infrastructure spend and no hacks in the data model.

And all of that means that the Dynizer gives a boost to your bottom line.