A new kind of self-learning data management platform…

The Dynizer is a patented data management platform which uniquely enables any organisation to combine the data from all of its different systems to make it universally useful.

It doesn’t matter whether the initial source is structured rows and columns, semi-structured metadata and free text, or free text alone.

The Dynizer:

  • Combines intelligent techniques for data storage, distribution and management with easy integration, adaptive modelling, built-in analysis, and simple but flexible queries.
  • Recognises core datatypes as Who, What, Where, or When, then connects them in endless combination, making integration faster, more efficient, and more consistent.
  • Finds correlations and overlaps using browser-style lookups without special indices or data warehousing. The platform’s ability to identify connections beyond those explicitly asked for makes it significantly different.
  • Combines data from different sources without having to create a whole new structure for the data model. New data, attached to the appropriate data type, creates new combinations without creating inconsistencies in the data.
  • Connects to incoming data via Python, Julia and Java. Communication with the Dynizer is carried out using JSON. Analytics and all other functions come from a REST API.

Optimize your deployment choices…

The Dynizer can be deployed any way you want it – in multi-tenancy configurations with shared resources or multi-tenancy with dedicated non-shared resources.

While the Dynizer can be installed on site – and there will be scenarios where this is both convenient and desirable, the Dynizer’s services are designed to run cloud-based in the data centre without the need for enterprises to install expensive hardware in potentially a number of locations.

Dynactionize takes all responsibility for the management and maintenance of the necessary hardware.

System upgrades can be carried out without downtime for partners or their customers.

Pricing models are designed to suit user requirements across a wide range of business cases.

Organizations of virtually any size can benefit from business continuity and disaster recovery.

The Dynizer can scale quickly and efficiently, adding to data resilience and security.

The Dynizer is scalable on the fly and will run in a Dynactionize cloud based on OpenStack, third party cloud or as containers in a customer cloud.