FirstNotice Document Analysis

FirstNotice is a Dynizer-based application that automatically captures meaningful information within documents so that previously hidden or difficult-to-spot connections are revealed, categorised, quantified and can be searched as a powerful aid to discovering the real meaning of whatever lies within.

FirstNotice identifies the structure of documents – chapters, paragraphs, sentences etc – and in recognising documents that largely conform to a particular structure, it will also spot documents that don’t.

Then within the structure, FirstNotice will identify the people, the events, the places and times described in documents – the Who, What, Where and When – of things.

In this way the essential and most interesting content of documents can be presented automatically to the user, who can then refine it by combining the generic criteria identified by the system and browse from result to result.

Traditionally, users have to know what the links are before the questions can be asked – and even then, it would be down to the user to infer meaning by searching, reading, extracting and combining data themselves.

In contrast, FirstNotice lets users explore, select and interpret a network of meaningful data that has been automatically been identified and presented to them by the system.

And because the data and the analysis of it comes from within a particular context, it creates a much more granular framework for users to interpret the results in a meaningful way than typical one-size-fits-all applications can achieve.

The analysis in FirstNotice is performed by a self-learning language model combined with the unique Dynizer data platform which, once seeded with around 1,000 general or domain-relevant sentences, will continually improve on its own results.

Criminal Investigations

Finding those unseen connections that might indicate criminal activity or associations between individuals can create vital insights during police and security investigations, which is why we at Dynactionize are working closely with leading data technology companies to demonstrate the platform’s capabilities.

At a time when police and security agencies need to better handle the vast quantities of new and legacy data too often locked away in unresponsive systems, the Dynizer represents a fresh perspective and a new approach to criminal investigation analysis.


Dynactionize has had a long-standing relationship with a major occupational healthcare provider in the Netherlands, helping them to manage appointments for specialist clients. We’re already in discussions to broaden the scope of our healthcare involvement, particularly within large hospital groups in Belgium, while increasing visibility in the NHS in the United Kingdom, too.